Beauty Therapy

Beauty therapy involves taking care of the skin, nails and hair for aesthetic enhancement. It also involves relaxation treatments, such as massages for muscles. Beauty therapists use cosmetics and other beauty instruments and products to do their jobs.

What does beauty therapy entail?

Manicures. Manicures involve the treatment of hands and fingernails to improve appearances and to repair damage. This involves cleansing and moisturising hands and nails and removing cuticles from nails. Nails are usually shaped and polished as a finishing touch.

Pedicures. Pedicures involve the treatment of feet and toenails. They start with cleansing, moisturising and removal of dead skin. They also include the polishing and shaping of nails.

Facials. Facials include cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising facial skin. Facials may also include acupressure and lymph drainage. Therapists use different products to repair damaged skin or to minimise damage from harsh environmental conditions.

Hair removal. This involves the removal of unwanted body and facial hair through waxing, tweezing, laser hair removal and the use of hair removal creams.

Eyelash and eyebrow treatment. This includes eyelash and eyebrow shaping and tinting.

Make-up application. This involves the application of eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, face powder, etc. Make-up application is often the final touch that is added after the other beauty treatments have been performed.

Body massage. This involves various massage techniques that are aimed at relieving stress, reducing pain, and facilitating recovery from injury.

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