August 25, 2017

The African Rainbow Retreat Protocol

The African Rainbow Retreat Protocol is a 20th Century concept that is unique in building African consciousness, empowering each individual to choose & experience his or her own formula in designing their own health protocol for a total of 8 day’s.

The rainbow colors are used daily as a source of motivation & inspiration, embracing a variety of African senses, African environment, African wildlife, African foods, African people…creating African awareness, which are all facilitated by Medical and therapeutic professionals that have been in the health & wellness industry for more than 8 years.

In the 8-day period, individuals are guided to focus on a personal selection of Health offerings, including a Nutritional program combined with Fitness, Bodywork, Beauty, Energy Healing, Education, Sport, Community, Breath, Sound, Yoga, Meditation, Higher Consciousness and the Integration of the selections chosen by the individuals.

All wellness modules are coordinated with a prior thorough medical assessment when arriving, therefore composing a unique protocol for one’s own unique wellness program.

The African RAINBOW RETREAT is inspired by nature & other creative associations, encouraging each individual or the group to sustain their wellness experience. There is a limited choice of either 7 couples or 7 people – as there are 7 rooms on offer.

The venue – 26 SUNSET VILLA, LLANDUDNO is chosen especially for these qualities, facilitating these necessary healing qualities, holding spaces that are private yet sharing, surrounded with magnificent views of the outdoor surroundings, sustaining the RAINBOW healing vibration which is so necessary for the wellness

August 25, 2017

GIFT BAGS – based on the six senses

Will be presented in a basket or recycled material    
Each guest will receive a gift bag made up of our finest ranges available to the value of with R500 or R250
Sight Feel Smell Taste Sound
Mud packs Body Products Oils Dried Fruit Drum
Vita derm Eye packs Insence Smoothy Juice Flute
Nemue Loohfahs   Tiisue Salts Voice
Nu Skin Brushes   Sprouts Silence
Mud  Mud   Seeds Throat
August 25, 2017

B.P. Wellness presents Spring Launch

Name:   Thala Private Game Farm, Easter Cape

Date:     3rd to 10th October 2010

Times:  1pm to 1pm

Hosting:    Rainbow Spirit – African Retreat

Price:    R8,000 (exc local flights, incl transfers, accommodation, meals)

Rainbow Health & Spirit now explores a new wellness experience, presenting a wide range of t

treatments and options designed to relax mind, body, spirit & soul.

The unique collective formula is designed into rainbow colours, charts to help individuals re-assess their


The emotional access colours of the rainbow ladder, allows treatments to integrated for holistic awareness on

every cell level, resonating on an additional high frequency to creating and sustain health and wellness throughout

the body, mind, spirit & soul.


A few luxury rooms have been eclectically selected to offer you the best comfort and beauty the Eastern Cape has to offer.   Each room has fabulous views of the vast open plains of the Thala Reserve (approx 50,000 km’s). The rainbow theme is carried throughout to ensure a unique and holistic experience.


The Retreat aspires to heighten and raise consciousness within the individuals of every aspect (the Accommodation, the Food, the Therapies, the Wildlife, the Meditations or just the soul living environment of nature and mending our electromagnetic waves with what is our 2nd nature.


Days Volume/Sound Abbreviations Sounds Colours   Mantra Elements Invoke Angels Meditations
Mon   R   Red A   Earth Arch Angel Michael  
Tues   O   Orange B   Water Arch Angel Gabriel  
Wed   Y   Yellow C   Fire Arch Angel Hannah  
Thurs   G   Gren D   Wood Arch Angel Melchzedir  
Fri   B   Blue E   Air Arch Angel Metatron  
Sat   V   Violet F   Mountain    
Sun   P   Purple G   Metal


Mon   W   White H   Salt    


Each guest will receive a gift bag made up of our finest ranges on offer.  

  • Tissue salts
  • Water
  • Dried Fruit
  • Food preserves
  • Loofah
  • Oils
  • Facecloth
  • Mud
  • essential or carrier oils

Products we endorse:

  • Vitaderm – natural range
  • Organic Ayurvedic
  Quotes African Totem Pole Animals Plants Insects Mammals Galaxy Compounds Global Completion
EARTH You can take no credit for beauty at 16, but if you are beautiful at 60, it will be your       own doing – Marate Stopes Elephant          
WATER   Whale


FIRE   Lion



Wild Dog

WOOD   Mammals




AIR Invigoration in relaxation, freedom in say the minds energy, confidence through self control within and energy without

First step to self awareness must be through the body – George Sheehan

African Eagle




MOUNTAIN People say ‘I want peace’. If you remove the EGO and DESIRE, you are left with peace            
METAL/COPPER/SALTS Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest – Christian Dior Rhino




A TASTE Base (eating)            
B SMELL Stomach            
C FEELING Heart            
D AUDITORY Vibration


Nervous system

Hearing from within (inner & outer)

E SIGHT Inner vision            
F SOUND Endocrine system

eg hormones, digestion, diabetes, blood disorders


Balance Cortex

Spine, endocrine, higher consciousness, inner hearing



  • Yoga pants – black lycra

                                                –                                                                   white cotton

                                                                                      (available for both male & female)

  • Yoga shorts (unisex)
  • Towel Bag
  • T-shirts (x 3 styles)
  • Bags
  • Yoga mats/Accessories
  • Bamboo gowns (wellness treatments)

            (with CMT/Embroidery)

  • Townships/African Dream Linen (sklls development)
  • eg Mandela Park, Hout Bay/Easter Cape, Xhosa
  • Caps/Hats /Sun visors/Beanies
  • Scarves (Indian cottons)
  • Shawls (Local or New Mexico, colourful & cotton)
  • Eye pads, head bands, socks
  • Slippers
  • Pajama’s (Sowetas friend – put RBS logo’s)
  • Hot Water Bottle & Bags
  • Beauty Kit/ Bag/ Aromatherapy Oils
  • Healing Accessories

Retreat – Thala Private Game Farm


Confirmed Rainbow Spirit Team


  Name Surname Responsibilities Duties Cfd Diet
1 Marita Engel CEO/Management

Food Processors

Med Facilitator


Y Veg
2 Deva Kaur-khalsa Equipment/Product Development Yoga/Medifac

Nutritional advisor

Y Veg
3 Joanne Frost Sales & Marketing Director Managers ORE



4 Denzil Grahn Sports/Outdoor facilitator


Client Service

Chef & planner


Public Relations

5 Jo-Lee Boyers Yoga Trainer Yoga & Med Instructor Y  
6 Natasha Rightford Marketing

Graphic Design

Rebalance Therapists

Colour specialist

H2O Analyst

7 Lisa Rouhana Massage   Bpp Therapist



Sarana Meditation


Y Veg
8 Allan Rouhana Partner Half Price Y  
9 Luke Musgrave Legal Advisor Legal Advisor    
10 Clint Wheeler Student

Office administrator


Personal Trainer Y  
11 Robyn Fergus Photographer


Crystal Healing

Pranic Healing


12 Sandy Byrne Massage



Rainbow Health

Positive Health


Baby Massage

13 Grant Byram Massage

Sports & Outdoor facilitator

Kahuna Massage   Veg
14 Des Byram Massage Workshop Massage Facilitator

Art   Facilitator



15 Leanne Norman   Beauty Massage    
16 David     Drummer    


Fname Sname Sgl/Dbl Children Occupation Where did they hear about the retreat
Denzel Newman Sgl      
Charmaine   Sgl   Clicks Cape Town  
Sonette & Simon   Dbl      
Marelle & Maura          
Christina & Darron          
Mark & wife Penobrega   2    
August 25, 2017

Booking Sheet

  • Name of Company:_____________________________________________________________________
  • Physical Address:_______________________________________________________________________


  • Telephone Number(s):___________________________________________________________________
  • Name of authorised person and cell number:_________________________________________________
  • E-mail Address:________________________________________________________________________
  • Nature of Companies Business:____________________________________________________________

Booking Requirements

  • Total number for Head and Shoulder massage (10 minutes):_____________________________________
  • Total number for Head, Shoulder and hand massages (15 minutes):_______________________________
  • Total Number for Head, Shoulder and hand massages (20 minutes):_______________________________
  • Any other specific treatments requested (Specify type and amount):______________________________
  • Frequency of visits required (i.e. Twice a week, Once a week, Twice a month, Once a month):__________


  • Specify Day / Date required (i.e. every Friday, first Monday of month, every second Wednesday):______


  • Hours required (i.e. Half day 5 hrs, full day 7 hrs, 3 hrs):_______________________________________
  • Specify exact times required (i.e. 10:00 – 15:00, 9:00 – 16:00), _________________________________
  • Specify whether once off booking or recurring booking:_________________________________________
  • Is there a preferred dress code?___________________________________________________________
  • Are there any strict religious or ethic codes?__________________________________________________
  • Method of payment:____________________________________________________________________
  • Please specify special arrangements for therapists such as parking, security and access to the premises:



  • If there are any other points that the therapist need to be aware of before commencement please state them:



If you wish to implement our Specialised Workplace Massage Program as part of your Workplace Wellness initiative, Mobile Massage Company Corporate Ltd (MMC Corporate) can help! 
MMC Corporate will discuss your objectives and requirements with you and how we can help you monitor the success of our program in your workplace.  Please complete this booking form, and MMC Corporate will contact you within 24 hours, otherwise please contact us with any queries.
Company Name  
Your Name  
Department & Floor Level  
Workplace Address 
Daytime Email Address  
Service Cycle preferred More than once per week (please state)
Preferred Session Length Per Person 15 minutes
  20 minutes
  30 minutes
  45 minutes
  60 minutes
 How many staff will be receiving massage?  

f your budget is limited but you would like your staff to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of therapeutic massage, Mobile Massage Company Corporate Ltd (MMC Corporate) can help! 

MMC Corporate can organize your massage service in the office or workplace, with each person paying for their own therapeutic massage.  Just relax, and leave it up to us!  Please complete this booking form, and MMC Corporate will contact you within 24 hours, otherwise please contact us with any queries.
August 25, 2017


Length of sessions Sessions book for a total of hours per month
Under 1 hour 1 to 3 hrs 3 hrs to 5 hrs Over 5 hrs
10 min R45 R40 R35 R30
15 min R70 R60 R50 R40
20 min R90 R80 R70 R60
30 min R135 R120 R105 R90
1 hr R270 R240 R210 R180
August 25, 2017

More about Head and Shoulder massage

The head, neck and shoulders are the most important energy centres within your body. Most tension accumulates in these areas, which may become evident in the form of a headache or backache. Head and shoulder massage involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help un-knot blockages and so relieve uncomfortable tension. The effect however is not only physical; it works on an emotional and mental level too, calming the mind and aiding relaxation.


The massage therapist aids the client in the chair so that the face is cradled in the headrest, arms are in the hand rests and the front of the legs are cushioned by the leg rests.

Clients remain fully clothed during the session, so privacy is not required, allowing just about any workspace to be used.

There is no need to shower, change clothes or leave work to participate. Everyone, no matter what his or her fitness level, can make use of head and shoulder massage.

It feels absolutely great!

The results from corporate massage are immediate and the effects are cumulative. Your employees will feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to return and tackle the day’s work.


Just the simple fact that you are showing an interest in the well being of your staff is enough to motivate and enhance your staffs working environment!


  • Mind / Body effects of Chair Massage
  • It aids digestion and helps prevent constipation
  • Disperses tissue wastes properly such as lactic and carbonic acids
  • Encourage deeper breathing and is therefore helpful for respiratory ailments
  • Triggers the release of mood-altering brain chemicals that engenders a sense of well-being


August 25, 2017


  • Keter – Part of Divine that inspires physical manifestation.
  • Hokmah – Contact between Divine mind & human thought. Through this energy physical manifestation begins to form Animus – Male Tone.
  • Binah – Understanding – Divine Mother, womb anima
  • Hesed – Love or Mercy. (right and left arms)
  • Gevurah – Power, judgment, punishment. (right and left arms)
  • Tif’eret – Compassion, harmony, beauty heart of tree.
  • Nezah – Endurance (right and legs
  • Hod – Majesty (right and left legs)
  • Yesod – Phallus, procreative.
  • Shetchinah – Grounded life source, Earth, Garden of Eden, feeling all that is alive.

1st Chakra – lessons related to the material world.

2nd Chakra – lessons of sexuality, work & physical desire.

3rd Chakra –Lessons of Ego, Personallity, Self Esteem.

4th Chakra –Lessons of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion.

5th Chakra – Lessons of Will & self – expression.                

6th Chakra –Lessons of Mind, intuition, insight & wisdom.

7th Chakra – Lessons of Spirituality.

Why are you not fully alive in your life? Do you want to change it?

“Aligning with Aliveness” will support you in experiencing the Juicy woman you truly want to be.


  • Listen to your body and trust your inner voice
  • Resolve inner conflict and create your own inner sanctuary
  • Accept and honour your body, just the way it is and just the way it is not.
  • Use your natural psychic abilities to heal yourself
  • Use your breath to quiet your mind and connect with your Source
  • Use your mind and feelings to create a life you love living.

And we will be sharing, breathing, moving, shaking, nibbling (chocolate of course), laughing, and turning the Power ON !!!!

         ARE YOU READAnd we will be sharing, breathing, moving, shaking, nibbling (chocolate of course), laughing, and turning the Power ON !!!!

         ARE YOU READY

August 25, 2017


.g. Thala Private Game Farm


‘Be Perfectly Well’

Long Term Vision

To create, set-up, build and manage authentic holistic ‘wellness centres’ throughout the African continent focus being on the sub-Saharan parts of Africa.


Incorporating wellness modalities in a holistic manner such as :

  1. Yoga
  2. Nutritional Education & cooking
  3. Organic Farming
  4. Education on Integrated Medicine
  5. Wellness treatments such as bodywork; massage; breath work; beauty; herbal remedies etc..

Farm as Idea Location (based on 5 elements to practice permaculture faming)

  • Earth
  • Water (river/dam/ocean)
  • Mountains
  • Wood & Forest
  • Air (non-polluted)

Products to come from Africa

  • African dream linen
  • Organic foods
  • Basic oils eg olive, wheat germ, hemp
  • Essential oils eg Citrus, Lavender
  • Indigenous Healing Herbs eg Bach Flower Remedies
  • Body & facial creams
  • Preserves
  • Seeds that are organic
  • Sprouts
  • African Gifts
  • (Crafts such as baskets, beds, Art, jewellery, ornaments)

Aims – Developing

Africa Wellness Centres that are city based and connect with farm centres as a means of networking and educating.

  • Teaching ‘Live supporting sums’ eg massage, wellness facilitators, African story telling, swimming, yoga, workshops
  • Education is holistic lifestyle
  • Information support centres (web-based) on websites
  • Environmental awareness eg recycling
  • African Heritage Art exhibitions and local music

Educate misinformed and uneducated people in order to interact and live sustainability and independently by using and incorporating various holistic and integrated skills and approaches to a better organic environment.

The African Wellness Centres allows progressive vision of uplifting communities through collective consciousness, that enhances standards of living, especially to uplift and enhance ‘well-being-ness’ in rural and disadvantaged communities.

The centres will help improve and teach self-helping skills for nurturing self, family and communities especially AIDS/HIV individuals

The centres will enhance and promote employment in the well-being-ness raising consciousness, as well as helping individuals respect themselves, earth and its surrounding environment. This raises a positive state of mind , resulting in a synergy amongst all ‘african people’. Building unity, patriotism, pride & will automatically y be drawn in using indigenous resources.

Wellness Centre Requirements

  • Land for herbs & Vegetable garden
  • Safe space that is central and close to public transport
  • X 7 rooms (dressed with white curtains)
  • X 1 conference/large workshop area
  • X 7 therapy beds
  • Wellness shop / products
  • Communal kitchen
  • Eating/ outdoor area
  • Sports facilities / Rural land
  • Pillows, Blankets, Bolsters, Bolsters\

Outdoor Equipment

  • Mountain bikes
  • Yoga mats
  • Balls
  • CD player
  • Walking shoes
August 25, 2017

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Many articles have been written on the benefits of Massage and how it reduces stress, relaxes mind & body and detoxifies the bodies systems and organs yet there is not much understanding about how beneficial Deep Tissue Sports Massage is.

The results speak for themselves, professional and amateur sports men and women admit that Deep Tissue Sports Massage does indeed have a profound effect on their performance and muscular recovery in between training and post competition.

Over the past 3years working on sports professionals like Malcolm Lange, Darrel Impie, Juan van Deventer and Rene Kalmer to name a few, who have committed to a weekly or bi-weekly Deep Tissue Massage treatment. I have noticed a remarkable difference in their performance and recovery time after Competition.

Medals don’t lie!

With my research, anatomy & physiology understanding and experience over the past 11years of practicing as a Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapist. I have developed a unique method with the combined use of Deep Tissue Massage, Pressure or Trigger Point Stimulation and Lymph drainage that effectively breaks down scar tissue from previous injuries, relieves strain & tension in not just the muscle tissue but also the important white muscle tissue or myofascial tissue and detoxifies built up lactic acid within the muscle tissue. This allows the progresive restoration of old injuries and rapid recovery form intense training or post competition stain.

Michael Waites


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