The Rainbow Health Protocol

The Rainbow protocol has been designed through years of practice and hands on experience. By using the natural colors of the rainbow and how they relate to our everyday lives, Rainbow Health has designed a model what is known today as the ‘Rainbow Protocol!’ A holistic program that focuses on the essence of our beingness as it relates to the 7 colours of the Rainbow and how we can use these colours as a vehicle toward a healthy living for all.

Fitness & Nurition

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Bodywork & Massage

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Energy Healing

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Sport & Community

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Breath & Sound

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Yoga & Meditation

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Wellness Retreats

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If we had to take the world into perspective then it would be safe to say that there are so many people who do not understand how their bodies function.

Although we can dissect the body and learn about the parts that make it up and we can do all sorts of scientific wonders these days to bring our bodies into healthy states and conditions,  the real question still remains, “is this body all that make us who we are”?

Health is a very broad topic and if we all had to be honest toward ourselves and take a look at the most fineout underlying truth towards why we all really desire a healthy living, then it would be fair to say that we all desire to have longer lives, and it is this thought that moves us and inspires us our greatest desire, which is the ever be wonderment toward the possibility of immortality…

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