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Nestled in tranquility and set in the Heart of one of the most beautiful places in the world, Rainbow Health a holistic Wellness Centre has been established since 1997 and been in business ever since, treating 1000's of clients helping them find their way toward a better life and a better life style  .

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Welcome to Rainbow Health, the complete solution toward a better and healthier lifestyle!

Understanding the way your body functions is the key and success to a better and healthier living. Rainbow Health an integrated wellness practice focusing on the  external as well as the internal body, providing you with a range of therapeutic services to assist in increasing your health.

Although Rainbow Health is a therapeutic practice and provides physical treatment to their clients, Rainbow Health is also a holistic wellness centre, that not only believes in the health of the body but in the health of the spirit as well. 

Rainbow Health invites you to take a tour through our blogging page, read our articles, share them with your friends and family as well as comment on any matter that you feel is close to your heart or can add value to another person's life.

We trust trust you will enjoy our blogging page and do hope to see you soon for any one of the service that we provide...

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Sport /spɔːt/ Noun 1. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes


MANTRA MEDITATION Chanting of sacred sounds has always been a delightful way to focus the mind. This type

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