Rainbow Health

Rainbow Health provides a range of in house and call out Massage services, Massage Therapy, Ozone-Rife Therapy as well as Yoga

A heavenly peaceful setting that already aids to one's own personal healing as one enters upon one's arrival.

Rainbow Health, based in Cape Town, is an established Wellness Centre and has been in operation since 1995. 

We are a holistic wellness centre that provides their customers with a variety of alternative therapeutic practices such as Massage Therapy, Ozone/Rife Therapy, Yoga, Energy Healing.

The concepts employed by Rainbow Health were developed over many years. As the owner of Rainbow Health studied the Eastern medicinal and philosophical fields she gained a much deeper insight as to how the body functions framed within a spiritual context.

Over time the owner of Rainbow Health came to understand the the relation of a person's being and how it was designed in connection with the frequencies of the colors of the rainbow. Because of this reason the owner chose the symbol of the rainbow and has so decided, to dedicate and promote her life to a complete health system, a Rainbow Health system.

The Rainbow Health Welness Center is nestled away in the serene environment of the Llandudno mountains, centrally located within the lush neighbourhood of Llandudno’s sports grounds.

Marita Engel

Health Consultant

Considered one of the best therapists in the industry, Marita Engel has been in healing for over 30 years and has run and managed her own practice and successful career since 1995.

Our Mission

Rainbow Health is a wellness centre that provides a range of quality services.

We focus on Massage Therapy and Yoga sessions and also provide Ozone-Rife Therapy at our facility. We also provide a variety of alternative therapies available to their clients like Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki etc. including various therapeutic workshops, like Sound Therapy, Massage and Energy Healing, Personal growth and many more.

Rainbow Health is to serve as a vehicle for personal transformation.

Over the years Rainbow Health created an educational blueprint toward a healthier living, called 'The Rainbow Protocol' which provides a person with a guide toward living a better life through eating healthy exercising and keeping the Spirit in check. The protocol consist out of 8 basic but fundamental points to follow and if, followed correctly will leed to a much happier and healthier life.

Committed to the community

Rainbow Health has been involved in Community Up-Liftment work for over 15 years and has been working in a variety of community projects consisting out of Upskilling, Personal Health development, Community Government Projects for sustainable food and energy programs , Cultural Heritage Projects and many more. 

Come and enjoy the lush environment of one of Cape Town's most beautiful areas, Llandudno, and treat yourself to pure oxygen to rejuvenate your body, mind, spirit and soul.

Rainbow Health

Find Rainbow Health at Llundadno Sports Club. Gully Rd, Llundadno


is a Holistic Wellness centre that provides a variety of services all tailor made to suit your health requirements.

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