September 1, 2020

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is very simple and extremely effective due to its use of charged oxygen. When an ozone molecule comes in contact with a pathogen, be it a virus, bacteria, protozoa, or fungus it quickly begins the process of oxidation. This rapid oxidation compromises the structure of the pathogen and kills it. The interaction between ozone and the tissues of the mouth has also been proven to increase blood flow and trigger immune responses. As a result patients who undergo ozone therapy heal much faster than those who do not.

  • Energy production. Low doses of ozone lipoperoxides gently stress your mitochondria, making them stronger and more efficient at producing energy.
  • Faster wound healing. Ozone speeds up wound healing, and is especially useful for chronic or treatment-resistant wounds.
  • Brain function. Lipoperoxides can cross the blood-brain barrier and reach your brain, which has a huge concentration of mitochondria. That could explain why ozone therapy helps people recover brain function after a stroke. Ozone therapy also increases blood flow to your brain, which will further boost your mitochondria. I felt a dramatic and almost immediate improvement in my brain function after doing ozone therapy.
  • Anti-mold, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-parasitic effects. Ozone treatment started out as a way to sterilize drinking water. Researchers quickly realized that it also treats bacterial infections, even when bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, and kills parasites. Ozone completely removes toxic mold and mycotoxins as well, which is why I originally got into ozone therapy. At the time, it was the only thing I’d found that helped me recover from toxic black mold exposure.
  • Decreased inflammation. It seems strange that flooding your body with free radicals decreases inflammation, but it’s true. The key is getting the right dose. Low levels of ozone stress your cells just enough to make them stronger; they produce glutathione and superoxide dismutase, two of the strongest antioxidants in the human body. Low-level ozone also activates heat shock proteins, the same anti-inflammatory proteins that turn on when you use a sauna.
  • Strong teeth and gums. The combination of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits makes ozone a powerful way to upgrade your teeth and gums. A lot of forward-thinking dentists offer ozone therapy. In fact, it was a dentist who introduced me to ozone therapy and taught me how to do it.