March 2, 2019

Wellness Retreats




the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

“measures of a patient’s progress toward wellness”



  1. an act of moving back or withdrawing. “a speedy retreat”

              “synonyms: withdrawal, pulling back, flight; Rare kata basis

              “a counteroffensive caused the retreat of the imperial army”

  1. A signal for a military force to withdraw.

              “The bugle sounded a retreat”

As we look at this protocol we will see that it has to do with the indigo color of the rainbow. When you look a this color it gives off  a feeling of blissfulness, a sensation of health. 

As this color represents the 7th chakra which is found above the head it is safe to say that wellness is a full state of beingness, that is experienced when all the bodily functions are working in harmony with one another.

When we look at the word wellness we realize, that this is not something that people are in their natural state, that this is really a state of beingness that needs to be nurtured so we may continue to stay well.

Due to stresses in our lives we sometimes find ourselves in situations that we need to get away, get away from it all, we need to re-charge or find ourselves again or re educate ourselves to get back on track.

Rainbow health has designed the perfect retreats just for these reason. As indigo is the color of higher consciousness the Rainbow protocol has put forth a set of integrated retreats for you to help you rejuvenate your soul!

To find out more about what Rainbow Health Offers as its integrated health program for Wellness Retreats go to the Rainbow Protocol page under the heading Wellness Retreats or just select the indigo Wellness Retreats button to the right

Wellness Retreat