March 2, 2019

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Definition –

Energy Healing is a form of healing that manipulates, restores or balances the flow of energy in the body. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

Alternatives for Healing…

When we begin to understand our selves as an energy system that consist out of various anatomical structures, then we can take an ever deeper look into the Rainbow Protocol as this protocol has to do with the yellow ray of the rainbow. Yellow is known to be the colour of the self. 

Yellow is also the same colour as the sun, which provides solar energy to the earth to feed and sustain nature as well as the human bodies.

Through understanding the body through its various systems we are able to apply various techniques of energy healing to assist with the body’s natural processes of healing itself.

As the energy systems of the body are not largely understood by many, when speaking about energy bodies or healing, people would rather follow the wester medicinal trend.

Taking this matter into consideration it is very much suggested that a person takes a look at one self and begin to educate oneself on matters of the self. As the colour of yellow also represents the self, the sun, solar energy also relating to the sole.

To find out more about what Rainbow Health Offers as its integrated health program for Energy Healing go to the Rainbow Protocol page under the heading Energy Healing or just select the yellow Energy Healing button to the right

Energy Healing