December 28, 2017

Vipassana or Insight Meditation


Vipassana meditation means one is able to see things as they really are. This practice stems from India. It was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago and was used as a remedy for any illness. The technique is based on self observation, and by observing the variants of the mind, a person can take control over their own mind. The chain of actions and reactions becomes conscious, and negativity and suffering disappear. Of course this does not happen over night; practice is required. There are courses held totally free of charge in many cities to help you with meditation. Check your local newspaper for details. This is possible because most support comes from donations.


The courses are divided into different steps:

  • The first step is about “€œthe conduct”€. The aspirant should not engage in any of the following activities; murder,theft, sexual activity, lies, and intoxication. The goal is to bring calmness to the mind so it can be prepare dto self observation.
  • The second step is about keeping the focus on the breath, the activity that happens in the nostrils. The goal is to master the mind by keeping the focus on the present moment.
  • The third step is about observing the sensations in the body and not reacting to them. The goal is to understand the sensations in the body, develop equanimity, and learning not to react to them.
  • Finally the four step is about emanating love and good will to all. The goal is to develop purity and love.