December 26, 2017

Sound Healing Intro

Sound, toning to bring about healing and transformation


Sound is created as the vibratory motion of particles and matter. The vibration that produce sound represent an energy that is found throughout nature, not only within ourselves and our world, but far beyond, into the realms of moons, stars, and the Universe. Due to the limitations of our physiology, we are able to year but a fraction of the universal, unseen power which is able to bring about profound changes on many levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. By harnessing the vibratory energies of your own voice, and as sounds from the world around, making them resonate through your body and mind bring about healing and transformation.

The origins of healing by sound and music can be traced into prehistory and beyond, into the realms of myth, religion, and the memory of the soul. The power of sound goes as far back in time as the “In the beginning was the Word-“ However one chooses to translate this meaning we all agree, the importance of vibration and the word has in manifesting how we wish to create our world. In all religions and philosophies word, prayer and chanting has been used and acknowledged as a powerful tool to access higher states of consciousness. The Sufis considered Hu to be the creative sound. The Tibetans considered the notes of A, F sharp and G to be powerful sacred sounds. Amen used in our prayers which derived from the word “Aum” which represented all of the sounds which the human voice was capable of expressing and therefore associated with the creative principles designating God. Pythagoras taught that sound was a creative force and that music held therapeutic benefits to the body. The Mystery Schools following these teachings associated rhythm with the body, melody with the emotions, and harmony lifted consciousness to spiritual awareness.

Deepak Chopra said that in order for consciousness to affect matter, it had to take place on a sub-atomic level. In other words, the spaces between particles. The power of sound to effect matter can be seen by photographs of Emoto’s water crystals, or sand on a drum vellum. If our body is made up of 80% water, then we have some idea of how sound vibration can affect us

This workshop will teach you how to use your voice to access and clear all the wounds of your past that are deeply submerged in your subconscious. Through sound and toning, or body-voice as I would like to call it, it will help you to express yourself, bring about inner harmony and teach you to play again. We will focus on the eight major energy centres of the body using vowels, overtoning, name playing, mantra, prayer and movement to free the patterns of speech and breathing that we have taken on over time through our wounding.

Our intention is to activate your life force energy find your authentic voice and sing your soul song!