December 26, 2017

Animals medicine and their symbolism

EAGLE -Spirit – The power of the great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. It is the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balnced within the realm of Earth.

HAWK – Messenger – Teaches you to be observant. Observe the obvious in everything that you do. Life is sending clear signals

DEER – Gentleness – Embodies love and compassion

ELK – Stamina

BEAR – Introspection

SNAKE – Transmutation – life-death-rebirth cycle is ememplified by the shedding of Snake’s skin

SKUNK – Reputation – respect

OTTER – Feminine energy for men and women

BUTTERFLY – Transformation

TURTLE – Mother Earth

MOOSE – Self esteem

PORCUPINE – Innocence, faith and trust

CAYOTE – trickster

DOG – Loyalty

WOLF – Teacher, one mate for life, individualism

RAVEN – Magic

LION – Leadership

LYNX – secrets

BUFFALO – Prayer and Abundance

MOUSE – Scrutiny

OWL – Deception, wisdom

BEAVER – Builder

OPOSSUM – Diversion

CROW – Law

FOX – Camouflage

SQUIRREL – Gathering

DRAGONFLY – Illusion

ARMADILLO– Boundaries

BADGER – Aggressiveness


TURKEY – Give-away, honour

ANT – Patience

WEASEL – Stealth

GROUSE – Sacred spiral, personal vision and enlightenment

HORSE – Power

LIZARD – Dreaming, going into the future


FROG – Cleansing

SWAN – Grace

DOLPHIN – Manna, sacred breath of life

WHALE – Record keeper, swimming library of the history of mother earth

BAT – Rebirth

SPIDER – Weaver, Creator


BLUE HERON – Self reflection

RACCOON – Generous protector, care taker, young, old and infirm


WILD BOAR – Confrontation

SALMON – Wisdom and inner knowing

ALLIGATOR – Itegration

JAGUAR – Integrity/ Impeccability

BLACK PANTHER – Embracing the unknown