December 23, 2017

Live for OZONE

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Disease = the absence of oxygen in an acidic environment

Oxygen therapy is a form of treatment based upon the premise that all Harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi (e.g. flu, AIDs, candida and Cancerous cells) are anaerobic – they can only thrive in low Oxygen Environments. Conversely, to maintain health, the human body requires an abundant supply of oxygen.

In essence, therefore, it is the lack of oxygen on a cellular level that causes disease. The greater oxygen levels in our bodies, the more Resistant we are to harmful pollutants. This is the Oxygen therapy in principle.

Ozone is nature’s way to clear pollution from environment; it can also clean up our internal environment, helping us to lead healthy, energetic and fuller longer lives. When You Cleanse Your Body – You’ll Undo Years of Toxic Lifestyle Damage. Ozone is a most powerful cleansing agent, and in combination with hyperthermia, raising body temperature, induces the healing crisis.

It is a tool for the body to accomplish its own healing.

Every cell in the body for oxidation, the process, needs oxygen, which breaks down toxins and destroys damaged cells so that they can be excreted in sweat and urine. The Ozone steam combination offers a safe natural and effective treatment as an alternative to modern medicines, by increasing Oxygen supply to the human body.

Steam gets blown into the cabinet, raising body temperature, opening pores and allowing pure ozone to enter the skin. As the skins pores open up and the metabolism raises, toxins will be oxidized in the fat, blood and lymph. This treatment boosts all processes of the body and activates metabolism. Toxins are excreted, causing rapid detoxification and aiding in natural healing, cleansing and weight loss.

It destroys any virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast, mould or cancer cell it comes into contact with. The main organ of detoxification and breaking down fat in the body is the liver. This means that an overloaded liver can cause weight gain. When the liver is overburdened, it can’t filter poisons out of the blood. One of the first places that this shows up is the skin ( our biggest organ) –which is also an important in eliminating waste – causing acne and rashes as well as cellulite. The majority of toxins are held in the lymph and fat. The skin is the largest organ of elimination, and toxins are sweated out.

Hyperthermia, the false fever reaction, simulates the body’s own defense Mechanism. With the addition of ozone, the two treatments are doubly powerful, toxins are rapidly oxidized and eliminated, and the fat containing them is no longer needed and also leaves. Skin becomes smooth, soft and free of blemishes.

Ozone is mainly used as supportive therapy, patient continues existing treatment, adds ozone, helps to control or cure disease or symptoms, including pain. Ozone therapy also reduces adverse effects from using medical drugs.

Even if you live a generally healthy life, ozone therapy can help with the reduction of cellulite, weight loss, depression, stress, loss of memory, general relaxation, detoxification, sports injury recovery, pain management and the rejuvenation of your body.


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