August 25, 2017

The African Rainbow Retreat Protocol

The African Rainbow Retreat Protocol is a 20th Century concept that is unique in building African consciousness, empowering each individual to choose & experience his or her own formula in designing their own health protocol for a total of 8 day’s.

The rainbow colors are used daily as a source of motivation & inspiration, embracing a variety of African senses, African environment, African wildlife, African foods, African people…creating African awareness, which are all facilitated by Medical and therapeutic professionals that have been in the health & wellness industry for more than 8 years.

In the 8-day period, individuals are guided to focus on a personal selection of Health offerings, including a Nutritional program combined with Fitness, Bodywork, Beauty, Energy Healing, Education, Sport, Community, Breath, Sound, Yoga, Meditation, Higher Consciousness and the Integration of the selections chosen by the individuals.

All wellness modules are coordinated with a prior thorough medical assessment when arriving, therefore composing a unique protocol for one’s own unique wellness program.

The African RAINBOW RETREAT is inspired by nature & other creative associations, encouraging each individual or the group to sustain their wellness experience. There is a limited choice of either 7 couples or 7 people – as there are 7 rooms on offer.

The venue – 26 SUNSET VILLA, LLANDUDNO is chosen especially for these qualities, facilitating these necessary healing qualities, holding spaces that are private yet sharing, surrounded with magnificent views of the outdoor surroundings, sustaining the RAINBOW healing vibration which is so necessary for the wellness