August 25, 2017

Rainbow Retreat


Special Health & Wellness Package for 9 DAYS / time from Cape Town

  • Accommodation:

5* Game Farm in Eastern Cape – Closest town is Sterkstroom (Queenstown)

  • Food choices:

Ayurvedic, Selected Asian Dishes, Italian, Vegetarian or Raw

  • Therapy choices:

Massage, Beauty, Bodywork, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture

Spa – Water Therapy (Ayurvedic Steams / Native American Sweats)

  • Exercise choices:

Yoga, Pilates, Qi gong, Hiking & Zen Walks, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking,

  • Creative Outdoor Activities:

Game Drives, Night Game Watching, Birding, Astronomy, Drumming, Rock Climbing, San Art Cave viewing, Sky Beds

  • Creative Indoor Activities:

Art, Cooking Lessons, Story Telling, Wellness Lectures (e.g. yoga philosophy)

  • Leisure:

Reading, Walking, Meditation, Dvd Channels of various international mediums


  1. Leisure clothing (for warm and cool conditions)
  2. Long Safari Pants for Bush-walking
  3. 2x pairs of comfortable shoes
  4. Sport wear for exercises
  5. Warm and cool socks
  6. Warm headwear/ Scarf
  7. Windbreaker Jacket/Outdoor Walking Shoes
  8. Toiletries



  1. Binoculars
  2. Torch
  3. Sunhat/ Sunscreen/Sunglasses
  4. Empty Journal book for writing
  5. Colour crayons & ink pen


Wellness Program

DEPARTURE Time – Cape Town/ Friday afternoon @3pm-5pm (Arrival in East London)

  • Collection from airport – Driver with car
  • Final destination – approx. 2.5hr DRIVE

ARRIVAL Time     – Friday evening@8pm / Thala Private Game Farm

  • Unload luggage/settle to designated rooms/unpack briefly
  • Dinner @ 8.30pm – 10.00pm


Chose one Wellness s Module from the Program on offer (2x choices given – select one)                          

  • 45am-8.15am –Kundalini Yoga with Meditation
  • 00am-8.00am – Ashtanga Yoga or Pilates


  • 45am – 10.00am / BREAKFAST
  • 30am – 12.00pm / Therapy – Bodywork/Massage/Beauty
  • 00pm – 1.00pm / Leisure Time
  • 00pm-02.00pm