August 25, 2017

More about Head and Shoulder massage

The head, neck and shoulders are the most important energy centres within your body. Most tension accumulates in these areas, which may become evident in the form of a headache or backache. Head and shoulder massage involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help un-knot blockages and so relieve uncomfortable tension. The effect however is not only physical; it works on an emotional and mental level too, calming the mind and aiding relaxation.


The massage therapist aids the client in the chair so that the face is cradled in the headrest, arms are in the hand rests and the front of the legs are cushioned by the leg rests.

Clients remain fully clothed during the session, so privacy is not required, allowing just about any workspace to be used.

There is no need to shower, change clothes or leave work to participate. Everyone, no matter what his or her fitness level, can make use of head and shoulder massage.

It feels absolutely great!

The results from corporate massage are immediate and the effects are cumulative. Your employees will feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to return and tackle the day’s work.


Just the simple fact that you are showing an interest in the well being of your staff is enough to motivate and enhance your staffs working environment!


  • Mind / Body effects of Chair Massage
  • It aids digestion and helps prevent constipation
  • Disperses tissue wastes properly such as lactic and carbonic acids
  • Encourage deeper breathing and is therefore helpful for respiratory ailments
  • Triggers the release of mood-altering brain chemicals that engenders a sense of well-being