August 25, 2017


.g. Thala Private Game Farm


‘Be Perfectly Well’

Long Term Vision

To create, set-up, build and manage authentic holistic ‘wellness centres’ throughout the African continent focus being on the sub-Saharan parts of Africa.


Incorporating wellness modalities in a holistic manner such as :

  1. Yoga
  2. Nutritional Education & cooking
  3. Organic Farming
  4. Education on Integrated Medicine
  5. Wellness treatments such as bodywork; massage; breath work; beauty; herbal remedies etc..

Farm as Idea Location (based on 5 elements to practice permaculture faming)

  • Earth
  • Water (river/dam/ocean)
  • Mountains
  • Wood & Forest
  • Air (non-polluted)

Products to come from Africa

  • African dream linen
  • Organic foods
  • Basic oils eg olive, wheat germ, hemp
  • Essential oils eg Citrus, Lavender
  • Indigenous Healing Herbs eg Bach Flower Remedies
  • Body & facial creams
  • Preserves
  • Seeds that are organic
  • Sprouts
  • African Gifts
  • (Crafts such as baskets, beds, Art, jewellery, ornaments)

Aims – Developing

Africa Wellness Centres that are city based and connect with farm centres as a means of networking and educating.

  • Teaching ‘Live supporting sums’ eg massage, wellness facilitators, African story telling, swimming, yoga, workshops
  • Education is holistic lifestyle
  • Information support centres (web-based) on websites
  • Environmental awareness eg recycling
  • African Heritage Art exhibitions and local music

Educate misinformed and uneducated people in order to interact and live sustainability and independently by using and incorporating various holistic and integrated skills and approaches to a better organic environment.

The African Wellness Centres allows progressive vision of uplifting communities through collective consciousness, that enhances standards of living, especially to uplift and enhance ‘well-being-ness’ in rural and disadvantaged communities.

The centres will help improve and teach self-helping skills for nurturing self, family and communities especially AIDS/HIV individuals

The centres will enhance and promote employment in the well-being-ness raising consciousness, as well as helping individuals respect themselves, earth and its surrounding environment. This raises a positive state of mind , resulting in a synergy amongst all ‘african people’. Building unity, patriotism, pride & will automatically y be drawn in using indigenous resources.

Wellness Centre Requirements

  • Land for herbs & Vegetable garden
  • Safe space that is central and close to public transport
  • X 7 rooms (dressed with white curtains)
  • X 1 conference/large workshop area
  • X 7 therapy beds
  • Wellness shop / products
  • Communal kitchen
  • Eating/ outdoor area
  • Sports facilities / Rural land
  • Pillows, Blankets, Bolsters, Bolsters\

Outdoor Equipment

  • Mountain bikes
  • Yoga mats
  • Balls
  • CD player
  • Walking shoes