August 25, 2017

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Many articles have been written on the benefits of Massage and how it reduces stress, relaxes mind & body and detoxifies the bodies systems and organs yet there is not much understanding about how beneficial Deep Tissue Sports Massage is.

The results speak for themselves, professional and amateur sports men and women admit that Deep Tissue Sports Massage does indeed have a profound effect on their performance and muscular recovery in between training and post competition.

Over the past 3years working on sports professionals like Malcolm Lange, Darrel Impie, Juan van Deventer and Rene Kalmer to name a few, who have committed to a weekly or bi-weekly Deep Tissue Massage treatment. I have noticed a remarkable difference in their performance and recovery time after Competition.

Medals don’t lie!

With my research, anatomy & physiology understanding and experience over the past 11years of practicing as a Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapist. I have developed a unique method with the combined use of Deep Tissue Massage, Pressure or Trigger Point Stimulation and Lymph drainage that effectively breaks down scar tissue from previous injuries, relieves strain & tension in not just the muscle tissue but also the important white muscle tissue or myofascial tissue and detoxifies built up lactic acid within the muscle tissue. This allows the progresive restoration of old injuries and rapid recovery form intense training or post competition stain.

Michael Waites