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Rainbow Health is all about understanding who you are. An Educational Healing Centre for the mind, body and Spirit! Rainbow Health is an established Wellness Centre and has been in operation since 1995.

A practice centred within the Eastern Medicinal and Anatomical fields, Rainbow Health created an Integrated Therapy service, called ‘The Rainbow Protocol’ which provides us with a means to tap into areas of our lives where we need healing the most. 

The Integrated program consists out of a variety of art forms and services, of which Massage Therapy, Ozone-Rife Therapy and Yoga is practiced Predominantly, then hosting various therapeutic workshops, like Sound Therapy, Organic Medicine Practices educationals, Community & Sports integration and also welcomes opportunity for other art forms like Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki etc.

Rainbow Health is based in Cape town South Africa. The Centre is situated in a serene environment, centrally located within the lush neighbourhood of Llandudno’s sports grounds. A heavenly peaceful setting that already aids to one’s personal healing on ones arrival.

Rainbow Health is about the rainbow, your rainbow. The rainbow that makes us who we are. And the purpose, to find the balance, to reset the frequencies of colour, so we may enjoy the full fruits of a healthy living!



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CBD Oil Range

5.0 rating

Iv had a terrible skin ailment for some time now and have tried various pharmaceutical products with no success.
After using your product for a few days i started seeing results. My condition started improving and it was not long before my skin was looking like new.
A truly great ointment for all types of ailments. I highly recommend it for regular and daily use.

Trevor Ray Lee

Thank you for your wonderful work!

5.0 rating

I have been a client of Rainbow Health for over 5 years and will continue to be a client for many years to come.
No matter what my desire, whether it be a massage, yoga, an Ozone, a retreat, a workshop or just a intellectual conversation, Rainbow has always exceeded my expectations and provided maxium customer satisfation.
I highly recommend their services and product ranges to people young and old, as Rainbow Health is truly set in aiding toward the betterment of our health.

Mary J