December 23, 2017


Wellness Facilitator-

Style: Veronique

Name: Toletti

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About the Instructor/Teacher:

Veronique enjoys keeping fit & being healthy, esp.loving the outdoors. Growing up in Switzerland inspired her to live life fully, esp. in nature. Her father, a ski-instructor, encouraged her from a young age to be adventurous , using her skills . Veronique has traveled extensively, is proud of her 3 children & lives in Hout Bay, travels to Geneva for holidays engaging with her distant family.


Veronique makes time to have fun with her family & friends, enjoying the sunsets & beauties of nature. Veronique is not afraid of a dare and is always open to try something new.

Hobbies and interests:

Anything with a bit of power, adventure & fun is what Veronique loves to spend her time doing when teaching her classes and spending time with her kids.